Columbine Design's WaterCents program can help you save water and money with the most technologically advanced systems and tools available. 

  • Up to 30% less water use may be achieved with water-efficient heads and nozzles, correct head spaced, and smart controllers. 
  • Using weather-based controller technology, we can eliminate the need for you to program your controller for constantly changing conditions. These controllers monitor data such as climate, site conditions, soil moisture, and precipitation, automatically adjusting your system's watering schedule to avoid applying unnecessary and unneeded water to the landscape.
  • Receive alerts via email or text the moment a leak occurs in your system, helping you prevent water waster and expensive damage to your property.
  • Maintain a healthy, lush landscape by using the exact amount of water needed, no more and no less! With most landscapes using up to 4-5 times more water than is necessary, this translates to major savings.
  • Rebates are often available through your water provider for certain upgrades to your irrigation system.

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