Stone is strength - Capture it

The strength and longevity of hard materials anchor the environment and define the architecture of the landscape. Flagstone, boulders and brick pavers complement the softer elements of your garden.

  • Patios, terraces and courtyards
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Outdoor cooking areas
  • Walls and pool decks
  • Outdoor fireplaces

Stonework is detailed and precise. It requires thoughtful design and craftsmanship to withstand the test of time.

Light is energy - Seize it

The sun's rays piercing through an aspen grove or beauty subtly uncovered in the darkness - natural or manmade, all light is elemental in the landscape.

  • Night illuminations
  • Water reflections
  • Holiday decor

Low-voltage fixtures ensure long-lived, energy-efficient outdoor lighting for aesthetic and security purposes across your property.

Earth is life - Treasure it

The textures of plants, their colors, scents and structures gently mold a landscape into an outdoor space, inviting alfresco entertainment and enriching home life. Strong memories are imprinted in a garden.

  • Sensible lawns
  • Perennial gardens
  • Annual beds and containers
  • Xeriscape concepts

Drip irrigation, wood mulch and sound horticultural practices protect your landscape and keep it healthy for years to come.

Water is precious - Respect it

Water is a primordial element of nature, deep in the Rocky Mountains or right in your own backyard. The movement and melody of water will whisper that you are home.

  • Water gardens
  • Koi fishponds
  • Waterfalls and streams
  • Irrigation

Recirculating water gardens and efficient irrigation systems will limit water consumption, while giving you the pleasure of a lush garden.

Columbine Design strives to reduce the overall maintenance that your landscape requires by implementing sound, sustainable landscape design. We also recognize that sustainable landscapes are living environments that need proper care to thrive in our semi-arid Colorado climate. Our professionally trained Maintenance Department is dedicated to taking care of all the seasonal needs of your outdoor environment.

  • Utilize Integrated Pest Management (IMPs)
  • Aerate lawn areas
  • Use of slow-release organic fertilizers
  • Maintain/update irrigation systems
  • Top-dress mulch as necessary

Sustainable landscapes take into consideration materials used, water conservation, sun exposure, local vegetation and proper soil. Consider refurbishing your existing landscape to an environmentally friendly garden today!